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K&M Services

K&M Services is Kansas City's premiere source for quality firewood and bulk mulch.


We sell wood in three different size quantities listed below:

4'x4'x16" (commonly referred to as a 1/4 cord)
8'x4'x16" (commonly referred to as a 1/2 cord) 
16'x4'x16" (commonly referred to as a cord)

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frequently asked questions about our firewood offerings.  To learn more about our mulch sales, please check out our website by clicking here

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Summer is here and now is the best time to year to beat the winter rush and place your order.  We 're stocked with seasoned firewood for all of your outdoor fireplace, chiminea, and smoking needs, with more wood arriving daily.   

In addition to firewood, we also carry a variety of bulk mulch options to help spruce up your landscaping.  We offer four different colors of dyed mulch, along with natural hardwood, and cedar.  We've even set up a website where you can place your order online.  Check out to place your order today!  

Oak and Hickory are popular choices for outdoor burning, but if you're looking for a smell unlike anything you've ever experienced we highly recommend Piñon Pine. Piñon produces a sweet pine smell that will remind you of a camp fire high in the Rocky Mountains, all without leaving the comfort of your backyard!  In fact all of our Piñon is trucked in from the mountains of CO and NM and is harvested as part of wildfire prevention programs in both states.  In addition to smelling wonderful, Piñon also does a fantastic job of keeping Mosquitos away.
All of our different wood varieties are delivered in semi trailer quantities and dropped off at our lot in Olathe.  Once here,  we allow the wood to dry to a moisture content of between 20-25% (typically 9-12 months) before we deem it ready to deliver to your home.  Our standard wood length is 16 - 18", with shorter and longer (up to 40") lengths available upon request.