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K&M Services

K&M Services is Kansas City's premiere source for quality firewood and bulk mulch

8/5/18 -  Fall is just around the corner and we have an ample supply of guaranteed dry oak, hickory, pecan, apple, mixed hardwoods, hedge, and pinon pine ready for pickup or delivery.  We also still have small quantity of Alligator  Juniper from NM (outstanding aroma) available.  Place your order either online or by calling now at 913-284-1973.              

Our standard wood length is 16 - 18", with custom lengths  available upon request for an additional fee.  All of our different wood varieties are allowed to dry for at least 9-12 months to internal moisture content of 30% or below.  Don't get stuck with wood that won't burn in your indoor or outdoor firewplace.  Buy with confidence, knowing that the wood we sell is guaranteed to burn.  

In addition to firewood, we also carry a variety of bulk mulch options to help spruce up your landscaping.  We offer four different colors of dyed mulch, along with natural hardwood, and cedar.  We've even set up a website where you can place your order online.  Check out www.kcbulkmulch.com to place your order today! 


We sell wood in three different size quantities listed below:

4'x4'x16" (commonly referred to as a 1/4 cord)
8'x4'x16" (commonly referred to as a 1/2 cord) 
16'x4'x16" (commonly referred to as a cord)

Check out the tabs at the top of this page for pricing, pictures, and answers to 
frequently asked questions about our firewood offerings.  To learn more about our mulch sales, please check out our kcbulkmulch.com website by clicking here